The Evolving Story Of Kung Fu Karaoke

Based Out Of Clarington Ontario, Kung Fu Karaoke Conceptualized In 2018 But It's Creator "AJ" Has Been A Professional Singer For Over 20 Years. 

Formerly Signed To BMI Music (1996-1998) and VIVA Entertainment (2001-2005) AJ Has Performed In Countless Venues and Shows, Worldwide.  AJ Has Also Hosted His Own TV Show (2007-2008) As Well As His Own Radio Show (2001-2002.)  Guaranteed You Get To Feel All That Experience Through His Soul and Professionalism At All Kung Fu Karaoke Events.

AJ's Lifelong Love Of Music and Martial Arts Has Influenced The Kung Fu Karaoke Brand, But True To It's Name, We Add Kick To Any Special Event or Venue.


Hey all!  AJ here from Kung Fu Karaoke.  The world's definitely changed huh?  That blurb above was me just a couple of years ago all bright eyed and in wonder as a new business owner.  Awww, so cute.

Here we are.  Different people, different world and me (as like most entrepreneurs) are pivoting.

The core of my business has always been YOU and your enjoyment.

In addition to launching my YouTube page in 2020 (Kung Fu Karaoke) my aim for 2021 was to further extend my ability to entertain and serve you, online.

So with that...Enjoy the KfK Shop.  I hope you see something that helps bring you joy.  I will continue to build and iterate with your feedback and as time goes by.

Thank you for your support.  Salamat sa inyong supporta!


Hey hey!  It's now 2023 and I think they ended the pandemic by now?  I don't know...all I know is, those last two ABOUT US blurbs has continued to evolve.  KfK is blooming once again in 2023 (5-6 nights a week + regularly booked special private and public events.)  Last year (2022) was alot of getting back into the swing of things and also I did a podcast back in 2022 and am starting to get back out there on the big stage for performances again.  I have tried stand up and I love it but I suck.  The world is in a pseudo recession times are crazy but there have been sweet moments too!  Anyway, enjoy the new merch!