The First KfK Post - ShopKfK Website Soft Launch we are.  Different people, different world and me (as like most entrepreneurs) are pivoting.

The core of my business has always been YOU and your enjoyment.

In addition to launching my YouTube page in 2020 (Kung Fu Karaoke) my aim for 2021 was to further extend my ability to entertain and serve you, online.

So with that...Enjoy the KfK Shop.  I hope you see something that helps bring you joy.  I decided to do a soft launch for a deadline I had for myself today (thank you almighty agile sprints...) but please in life...this will evolve and I will continue to build and iterate as time goes by.

Thank you for your support.  Salamat sa inyong supporta.

Anthony Joseph Lusaya (AJ)

Small Business Owner - Kung Fu Karaoke